Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why I Love America (the little reasons)

So this is my first blog post, on any blog of any sort. Woo, I think I will have some grape juice to celebrate. I realize that no one asked for my opinion, but I will share it anyway due to the fact that I have the right to freedom of expression (one big reason I love America). This is also my second time writing this because I somehow deleted it the first time. Well, I've done my fair share of travelling and I have most recently come back from Europe, where I spent most of my time in Germany. I noticed many differences between here and there and started to think of why I love America, which is a nice way of saying 'Why I think America is better.' So here are some of the little reasons:

1. Our money doesn't look like glorified monopoly money
2. I will never receive $3.94 (or euros in this respect) as a fist full of change, ahem 1 and 2 euro coins and lack of a quarter like coin
3. It can be 102 degrees outside, yet a comfortable 73 degrees inside due to the magnificence of AC, which also keeps my drink at a comfortable temperature even after the ice has melted
4. The aforementioned temperatures are quoted in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius, and the drink came with ice in it
5. The drink is also probably bigger than 0.2 liters, whatever a liter is
6. Free Refills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
7. When offered ketchup at McDonald's in a manner that implies it is free, I am not then charged for it (I'm looking at you The Dutch)
8. Our cars are better looking
9. Our gas isn't sold by the liter
10. We don't pretend that our national passenger rail system is cheap, easy or convenient
11. Our international country calling code is 001, yeaaaaaaaaaaaah
12. When asked why the USA gets to be 001, I can respond "because we invented the phone"
13. Our passports are blue
14. No one cares about soccer or rugby
15. We own the .gov domain and don't have to add .us or some other additive (example or
16. When asked why this is, I can say "Because Al Gore invented the Internet"
17. Coalition governments are horribly inefficient, in my opinion
18. We have Kentucky, So Cal is alright too

Well, this is all I have for now. I hope you enjoyed it.


Kyle said...

YES IAWTC (I agree with this comment).

Dude, the # 1 thing I hated about Europe was their fucking stingyness over EVERYTHING. You have to PAY for refills, PAY for ketchup, PAY for WATER!!!! Water!!!!!

Pay for using the restroom!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget - we also have the Constitution (I'm looking at you, England), separation of powers (England again), Hollywood, the Grand Canyon, 5 Great Lakes (each of which is bigger than some European countries...and I consider them ours, fuck Canada). We also don't smoke nearly as much as Europeans (though we are much fatter), plus we don't talk weird.

In short, America pwns all.

Taylor Kayatta said...

Here here. Welcome to the blog, Navid. This was hilarious.

Kristina said...

Re: 8.

I think its funny how cars in Europe look funnier, but European imports in the US are superior to American-made cars.