Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Richardson gaffe

I like the guy and think he's an excellent statesman, but geez, he can't be making these kinds of gaffes.

It seems Bill Richardson has no shortage of gaffes. Addressing SEIU today, Richardson thanked them for their applause: "Thank you, AFSCME!"

That's right, Richardson named the wrong union. And it gets worse. SEIU, unfortunately, is an organizational rival to AFSCME in many states, and SEIU's audience responded to Richardson's opening line by shouting, "S-E-I-U!"

Ouch. This is like if he had come here to speak to us, and then ended the speech by referring to us as the "USC Democrats". Not gonna go over well. Not at all.

Oh, and note the AP photo of the event when Chris Dodd spoke:

There's only, you know, TWO "SEIU" posters on the floor right in front of the lectern, not to mention the big "SEIU" purple banners hanging from the ceiling in the back. Oy. With this and saying that God intended Iowa to be first in the nation's primaries and that homosexuality is a choice.................

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