Saturday, September 15, 2007

UCI Law School Controversy Compiracy Theory

Just to continue this conversation I am having with myself regarding this matter. I think I have just stumbled across a conspiracy theory.

What does UCI and Chemerenski have to lose if he comes back as Dean? All they did was get national attention (although negative) onto their new law school. Now with the return of the exhiled law professor, the school now appears to be siding with faculty over community (positive press). Now it may be easier to recruit better faculty and students to the formerly unknown Donald Bren School of Law. Could this have been a staged plan from the beginning?


I'll be hurt if no one judges my theory.

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Afshin said...

Nothing can be said about your theory yet since the only position they've hired is the dean. But I'll interested to see who'll be the faculty members 'cause who would feel comfortable being a radical law professor in a community like that.