Thursday, September 13, 2007

Edwards buys media time after Bush's speech

So later today at 6pm L.A. time, Bush will deliver a speech where he "proposes" to withdraw 30,000 troops from Iraq, without mentioning their tours of duty were up anyway, and would HAVE to come home. It's like taking credit for gravity.

John Edwards has bought a 2-minute block of time on MSNBC to rebut Bush after his speech concludes.

"Unfortunately, the president is pressing on with the only strategy he's ever had — more time, more troops, and more war," Edwards says in the ad, according to excerpts provided by his campaign.


"Tell Congress you know the truth," Edwards says. "They have the power to end this war and you expect them to use it. When the president asks for more money and more time, Congress needs to tell him he only gets one choice — a firm timeline for withdrawal."

Look for it after Bush's speech ends around 6:15pm, on MSNBC. Oh, you might want to watch Keith Olbermann's show right before it too. He should have some *interesting* things to say about the upcoming speech. :-)

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