Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ok I Need Discussion On This One

Do we classify this in the bogus right wing attack category, by saying he needs to be driven around in cars like this? An excuse similar to the candidates needing to take private jets to campaign events. Or do we simply call him out for his "do as I say, not as I do" bad logic? Is this another inconsistency between Edwards actions and his rhetoric?

It wasn't so long ago that the Republican speaker got caught in a similar situation.

I am really not trying to expose a bad story here, I want to hear what everyone thinks of this.


Curtis said...

There is an actual picture of Edwards by the pictured suv. I think the Post ran the story, but it could have been the New York Times.

The same story mentioned an inconsistency that is even worse than this, though. Apparently, the hedge fund Edwards worked for has been forclosing the homes of Katrina refugees. I wish I was making that up.

I don't think the source of these attacks is the issue. It doesn't matter whether or not the GOP is behind this. If Edwards makes it to the general election, this is exactly what his Republican opponent will throw at him. There simply aren't many things worse than hypocritical righteousness.

BruinKid said...

Edwards could do better here, but this is again distraction from the real issue at hand. Environmentalists all know that real change will only happen when the policy gets changed. And those that don't want change are going to make charges of hypocrisy any way they can. We saw the same thing with them attacking the size of Al Gore's home, attacking the size of John Edwards' home, and now this. Would it be better if the campaign had a hybrid? Sure. But when the proposals he is calling for will do so much good for this planet, this becomes more like the right-wing trying to find ways to get outraged.

As for the hedge fund, Edwards obviously didn't know about it, and once they found out, they divested from it. It's like saying Hillary and Obama should have known beforehand that Norman Hsu was a fugitive when he donated to them.

There are a lot more things worse than hypocritical righteousness, such as committing actual crimes. And I think we need to stop worrying about how we can't run a certain candidate simply because of what the GOP will throw at them. That's playing on their turf.

And since someone's gonna raise the question, let me say right now that Hillary's situation is very different. If anything, her supporters aren't worrying about what the GOP will throw at her; she's been through the ringer before. The worry is actually coming from Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who simply refuse to vote for her, even in a general election, and the detrimental effects downticket.

Kristina said...

I don't think that this is a distraction from the issue at all. If politicians are going to call on everyday Americans to make sacrifices, then they should lead the way.

I am not saying that all politicians should have to bike everywhere or live in tiny houses, but if they are going to specifically criticize something, then they should not do the direct opposite.

Policy is important, but so are changes that individuals make. Politicians included.

Curtis said...

Exactly! It's a distraction from the real issue at hand! The goal of these attacks are to take him off message.

Is it really a coincidence that this latest round of attacks came immediately after one of the most significant speeches of his campaign? No.

Kristina also makes an excellent point. Edwards talks a lot about populism and environmentalism, but he's neither William Jennings Bryan nor Al Gore. If he was truly a populist, he wouldn't offer his advice to hedge funds, which make money by offering high risk, high interest loans to poor people who don't have capital. And if he were truly an environmentalist, he might campaign in an SUV from time to time, but he certainly wouldn't own an SUV.

BruinKid said...

It's a distraction only if they let it become a distraction. Edwards already threw the "big home" comment back in their faces, and as much as the right-wing will try and grumble about it, that line of attack quickly dried up, so they're moving to the SUV thing.

And for all his ties to the hedge funds, he has promised to raise their taxes. And BTW, I encourage everyone to see who's actually getting the money from hedge funds and private equity firms. The only reason the cry of "hypocrite" would work is if you think he'll be influenced by them once he's in office to halt his populist platform. The money contributions suggest otherwise. Same goes for security & investment firms.