Monday, September 03, 2007

McCain--Still not the Right Guy for the Job

Not to kick a guy when he's down, but John McCain is still falling terribly short of impressing anybody. The New Yorker followed McCain around for a day, and nearly everything he had to say to the magazine represented exactly what the country doesn't want right now: a leader who mistakes tough decisions for easy ones.

When asked "Is Iraq a hard call?", McCain responded, "I think it’s not that hard, because I have had no doubt. It hasn’t been a struggle within me."

That kind of self-assured tone about Iraq sounds awfully familiar. It also makes me wonder whether the senator has given serious thought to the matter. I suspect that even the most confident neoconservatives question the wisdom of their ideology from time to time. Apparently, the senator never had a moment of doubt, which suggests that he couldn't have possibly fully considered the weight of the decision to commit the United States to nation-building.

Americans, not just Democrats, want someone with gravitas to secede President Bush. After all, eight years of unthinking hubris is quite enough.

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