Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where's Norman Hsu?

That's the question Judge Robert D. Foiles asked when Clinton campaign donor Norman Hsu failed to show up to court yesterday. Hsu turned himself in to California authorities this week after being on the run for 15 years. Originally wanted on charges of fraud, the Justice Department is currently investigating Hsu's fundraising efforts for a laundry list of Democratic pols, including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Al Franken, and Eliot Spitzer. It is suspected that he gave phony information about the contributors to his campaign cash bundles.

So, where is Norman Hsu? As it turns out, he is receiving sanctuary from Bruin Democrats President Kyle Kleckner. Kleckner, also known as "The Kleck," served as an intern for Hillary Clinton this summer. Ever the Clinton loyalist, he courageously volunteered to let Hsu take up residence in his Westwood apartment. Kyle says "Norm" is doing well given the circumstances. Tomorrow, they plan to watch a season of X-Files and crack open a couple of Smirnoff Ices. Check in for further updates on Norm's condition.


Deep Throat said...

Trust No One.

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