Saturday, September 15, 2007

Some Help From Magic

Though all the buzz in California was about the Oprah fundraiser for Obama, I think it was interesting that Magic Johnson held a fundraiser for Hillary "co-hosted by music industry heavyweights Quincy Jones, Berry Gordy and Clarence Avant. . . ."

The CNN article went on to note:

"The divided loyalties among blacks show "the community just isn't going to go lockstep behind any candidate, even a black one," said University of California, Los Angeles, political scientist Franklin D. Gilliam Jr . . . And independent polls in California suggest the black vote is divided,largely between Clinton and Obama."

I do not have firm loyalties to any candidate yet. However, having done fundraisers Hillary fundraisers for her 2006 Senate election with Johnson, Quincy Jones, et al, I do know that those guys bring with them a large network of black donors. I think the new dynamics of race, gender, and more make this race really exciting. And of course there was a UCLA quote, so had to put it up here.


Kyle said...

I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!

gabe said...

haha, so was i. and since kyle won't, i feel compelled to point out the most bullshit moment of the event:

"I opposed the pre-emptive invasion of Iraq."
-Sen Hillary Clinton

Really?? Had me fooled. I have a lot of respect for Hillary, but that statement made me cringe.

Curtis said...

Haha, wow. That is a new low.

Kyle said...

Sigh, and I thought Obama-ites liked nuance.