Friday, September 28, 2007

Real Time With Bill Maher

FWIW, for those interested in going on Friday, October 12, they just announced some of the guests on for that day.

The View's Joy Behar
MSNBC's Tucker Carlson
ex-Mexican President Vincente Fox


New York Times columnist Paul Krugman!

Quite the lineup. They didn't say which ones would be on the panel, versus appearing via satellite for an interview.

Update: Here's a clip from late August, when Maher went on The O'Reilly Factor and had his way with BillO. The second half gets into what Maher thinks about the presidential candidates on both sides. Check it out.


Kyle said...

Holy shit!!!! You know we have a BD trip planned for that day to Bill Maher right????? Wow!!

Curtis said...

I have a liberal-crush on Paul Krugman.