Tuesday, September 18, 2007

U. of Florida gets its own taser incident, with John Kerry

So John Kerry was speaking at the University of Florida on Monday when this student started asking why Kerry didn't challenge the 2004 election, brought up Greg Palast's book on how the election was stolen, and then crossed into tinfoil land by asking about Kerry being a member of Skull & Bones. Sheesh. What was he implying, that Kerry conspired to give the election to Bush? So then he gets dragged away by the cops and gets tasered in the back of the room.

Looks shocking, right? Well, this second (much shakier) video shows what happened in the minute leading up to that first one. Notice how the other people in the audience are even laughing at the student, and even applauding the cops when they physically remove him. Very reminiscent of our own Mostafa Tabatabainejad and his incident in Powell Library.

This video from the local NBC station shows what happened after he was escorted out of the hall. He starts raving about how the police are going to kill him, and asks for witnesses. Geez. Remind anyone else of that homeless LaRouchie guy?

Oh, and Mostafa, if you're reading this, you deserved to get your ass tasered for acting like a disruptive jerk who just wanted some attention so you could play the "racial profiling" card. No wonder your high-profile defense lawyer quit a mere six days after taking your case. He saw that you have no real case. I've heard from people who were there about what happened in the 10 minutes or so BEFORE the camera started recording. All they'll probably find is excessive use of force by the cops for the 4th and 5th taserings, but not the first couple. You deserved those.

And if anyone thought Mostafa had forgotten his student ID or something, you're wrong. He had it on him the entire time. He WANTED to make a scene in the library. He WANTED to cause a commotion. He made a damn mockery out of everyone who is truly fighting for the protection of our civil liberties.

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Kyle said...

That second video was enough to make me nauseous - sooooo shaky. As for the tazing, I think the 'resisting arrest' was a lot clearer in this instance than in the Powell incidence.