Wednesday, September 12, 2007

C'mon UC Irvine!

Respected liberal constitutional scholar Edwin Chemerinsky was expected to be the dean of UC Irvine's new law school. However, UCI Chancellor Michael V. Drake reneged on the contract Chemerinsky signed with the school on August 16. Drake told the professor that he is too "politically controversial." Nevermind that Chemerinsky is considered to be one of the brightest legal minds in the United States. Some believe that the addition of Chemerinsky to UCI Law School would have propelled the institution to the forefront of legal academia.

I wonder what Aria Ghafari has to say about this?


BruinKid said...

Word on the online street is that major Republican donor Donald Bren didn't want him as the law school dean. Bren had just recently gave UC Irvine $20 million to name their law school after him, and he's already got the Bren Center (their version of Pauley Pavilion).

Bren denies it, of course.

This is getting interesting, as a former UC Regent is pretty angry over this, and he is not taking this lightly. His anger may prove devastating to UC Irvine.

Kristina said...

I have mixed feelings on Chemerinsky. One the one hand, he's one of the leading Constitutional scholars today and very intelligent. On the other hand, he wrote my 700+ page textbook that weighed like 20 pounds. My brain likes him, but my back doesn't.

aria ghafari said...

damn that sucks!