Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What a difference a few years makes..

Is anyone else on the verge of actually feeling bad for the GOP? Maybe its just the sympathetic bleeding heart liberal in me, but I almost just wanna step in, call the fight, let them up off the mat. Via Political Wire, it appears that "doomsday" meetings for the GOP members of Congress have become "boring." I can imagine its probably not much different than the Norte Dame locker room is starting to feel- c'mon coach, what do you want? It's hopeless. (Substitute Boehner for Charlie Weiss and I think the analogy works).

Just gotta be careful not to get cocky- remember, this was us less than 3 years ago, lost and without hope. Things can turn around in a heartbeat. But at least for now, it doesn't get much more one-sided than this.

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