Sunday, September 30, 2007

Where have the Democrats gone?

There was a time when being a Democrat meant more than just watching primary debates, reading Politico, and finding yet one more fault in the rival party. There was a time when we cared about issues, not just as reasons to justify why we are Democrats, but because those issues were the reasons we are Democrats. There was a time where we were activists, outspoken about what we believed, unwilling to accept it without a fight, and unwilling to let politicking get in the way of our passions. Have these times passed?

I'm not saying there is something wrong with following the intricacies of America's political system, and I 100% believe that the Democratic party is the right party. I'm not advocating going Green or voting for Kucinich, even though I agree with him and what he stands for, because I think a vote for a solid, electable politician who can work with those who don't follow our same beliefs is better for the country.

But we need to get back to discussing the issues. For example, I am radically against the death penalty and think the fact that America is the only first world country that still engages in it is disgusting. The same for torture: why has the fact that we torture information out of criminals who are not necessarily tried in a court of law before being held indefinitely something that isn't discussed as much in the public sphere anymore? At our nations public schools, why is diversity continuing to dilute and why do textbook costs (and new editions so that we can't buy used) continue to rise? In the great healthcare debate, why is the focus more on the financial ability to provide it versus the fact that people living, both legally and illegally, in the world's richest country are receiving poor healthcare? Why do we continue to trash our environment, focusing on hot button issues like vehicle emissions allthewhile not bothering to walk a little more with that Snapple bottle in your hand to find a recycling can? I could go on...

I'm not saying that the world of politics isn't interesting, and I'm not saying we should forget about it and stand around picketing all day. But, as the future leaders of America in the best political party for our country, we need to never lose sight of why we are Democrats and what truly drives us. We can't forget that everyone in both America and the rest of the world are God's children, created equally and deserving of equal rights regardless of under what conditions they are born, and that we need to continue to fight the good fight and never give up.

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