Monday, August 27, 2007

More Republican Contradiction

It seems like these guys can't catch a break. Just recently, David Vitter (who championed family values) turned out to be one of the clients of the DC Madame. It was revealed today that republican Larry Craig of Idaho, known for voting party-line on gay rights issues (aka, against them) plead guilty to a homosexual solicitation in a Minneapolis airport restroom.

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When will the contradictions end? While I respectfully disagree with politicians who fight elections over "family values" and the like because I can tell they really believe it is best for the country, I have a huge problem with those who contradict themselves on such issues. It is one thing to be a "sneaky politician" and accept bribes or something along those lines (and that is wrong too, of course), but quite another to fight against an entire group of the population even if you are part of that group of the population. For shame.

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Kristina said...

The Romney campaign pulled Craig's endorsement video of Romney of its website and youtube, but you can see it here:

Craig endorses Romney because of strong family values :)