Monday, August 27, 2007

Gonzo Is Gone

Alberto Gonzales resigns

Bye bye, good riddance, you were an utter embarrassment to the very concept of justice. TPM has a memorable compilation of Gonzales's top six lies.

And now the Bush administration wants the guy who messed up Katrina (Michael Chertoff) to be in charge of the Department of Justice??

So, we've seen both Rove and Gonzales now leave in just the last two weeks. Rumor has it that Tony Snow will leave in September, along with other officials. I'm getting the image of rats and a sinking ship in my mind. Why did Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have to take vacations right now??


Taylor Kayatta said...

It's about time!

Kyle said...

You know it's really bad that Gonzo made us think back on the good ol' days of John Ashcroft.