Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Clinton / Obama Ticket

As the race progresses, more and more people are predicting a Clinton/Obama democratic ticket. CNN (both on the blogs and on the network), Gingrich, Giuliani, Politico, and more.

This argument makes sense, especially under the circumstances of Hillary winning the endorsement. Obama is a HUGE name and countless people LOVE his policies, ideas, etc (like most Bruin Democrats and other young people, myself excluded). She would be foolish to not bring him with her to the debates, press junkets, and White House.

On the flip side, I do not necessarily know whether they would work well together. They agree on a lot of issues, but there are some things that they just seem to be very different on. Take, for example, the policy on Iraq: are they too different, so that they would end up sabotaging each other?

I do not predict Edwards as a VP candidate again. He had his chance, didn't do much with it, and doesn't really have that much new stuff to bring to the Vice-Presidency than he did before. Yes, he has grown a lot as a leading candidate, but I do not think running him as VP again would do much good.

Richardson is the only possible exception to the Clinton/Obama ticket. He has the leadership that both Clinton and Obama don't have (he is Governor), he is from a border state so he probably gets immigration, etc much more than the other candidates, and he can quite possibly bring the Latino/a vote. This shouldn't be ignored. Plus, though some people have a problem with his God-like "6 day plan", I think that there is not much room for him bringing bad press as a VP, but so much to gain.

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