Saturday, August 25, 2007

GOP Dirty Tricks in California

After Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004, guess which state the GOP is planning to use for their dirty tricks in 2008? Us! By now, you may have heard of the insidious ballot initiative here in California that would split up our 55 electoral votes by Congressional district. As a result, due to our gerrymandering, that would basically ensure about 22 additional electoral votes for the Republican candidate (given that Bush beat Kerry in 22 CDs here in 2004). It would also take away 22 electoral votes for the Democrat, meaning we're actually facing a 44-vote switch in the GOP's favor.

Policial analysts on both sides say that if this measure passes, it will be impossible for a Democrat to win the White House. We can get Ohio, and still lose.

Look, this is nothing but a dirty trick. Republicans are trying to pass this off as "election reform". You know, giving more Californians a "voice". Yeah, right. In this scenario, we'd have even LESS of a voice. Each district is so gerrymandered that we can already tell which candidate will win each district in advance, so nobody's vote in California is going to matter anyway. On the larger issue, because of gerrymandering nationwide, going by Congressional districts is a horrible way to go, even if every state were to do it. There are several "blue" states, like Michigan, that have a majority GOP congressional delegation thanks to clever gerrymandering.

Let's face it, this is simply a shamless power grab by the GOP who recognize there's no other way to win the 2008 election other than to literally change the rules. Oh, and this initiative is probably unconstitutional too, but if it passes, does anyone really want John Roberts and Samuel Alito making that decision for us?

Please join the Facebook group that's been set up to fight back against this initiative. Right now, it's a win-win for the Republicans. If it passes, they win the White House, simple as that. But even if they fail, they're counting on all the liberal and progressive groups and the DNC to spend upwards of $50 million in educating enough Californians to defeat the measure. And we need that money to go to other races and infrastructure.

Both the New York Times and Newsweek have editorials out blasting this measure for being nothing more than a dirty trick from the GOP. It's what we've come to expect from a party bereft of ideas. Additional coverage and analysis on MyDD and DailyKos and Calitics.

We cannot afford to be caught unawares again, or simply assume Californians will defeat the measure. It WON'T be on the ballot in February, when we have our Presidential primary. They're putting it on the more obscure June election, with a much lower turnout expected. And you can bet they'll be getting their people to turn out in places like Orange County to vote for this measure. Educating Californians will be key, as the Field Poll showed that when people understand what's at stake, opposition rises. However, the dangerous sign is that even knowing this will practically ensure a Republican wins the White House in 2008, 49% of Californians would vote YES for this measure, but only 42% would vote NO. That number should frighten the hell out of you. So tell everyone you know about this measure. Knowledge is the key.

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Kyle said...

I seriously doubt this proposition has any chance of passing. Californians haven't voted to approve a proposition since the stem cell 2004. As soon as the CDP and unions get on this, it'll be so tainted it'll be lucky to pull 40%.