Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hillary's Pseudo-Appeals for a United Party

“I’ve noticed in the last few days that a lot of the other campaigns have been using my name a lot. I’m here because I think we need to change America; it’s not to get into fights with Democrats.” -Senator Hillary Clinton

While her sentiment is certainly appreciated, her willingness to actually live up to her words is demonstrably lacking. A sizable portion of the verbal jabs that have been thrown in the past two Democratic candidate forums are rooted in her attack on Barack Obama in the CNN youTube debate.

After Hillary made Obama look like a man who wants to open the doors of the White House to the world’s peskiest dictators, he did not have much of choice but to go on the offensive. If he let her remarks go unanswered, Clinton’s portrayal of him as inexperienced and naive would have stuck in the press. Obama’s controversial foreign policy speech in which he advocated pursuing al-Qaeda in Pakistan was also arguably inspired by Hillary’s accusations that he lacks the thoughtfulness to be commander-in-chief. Of course, this speech resulted in more criticism from Senators Joe Biden and Chris Dodd who are aching to draw some attention from the media.

It’s this kind of behavior that leads Americans to believe she is every bit as ruthless as her critics say. If she is this willing to polarize her own party, how can voters trust her to bridge the partisan divide created by President Bush?

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Atticus said...

Perhaps we can trust her because she actually knows what she's talking about, as opposed to simply having what some would consider a 'nice' voice. She also doesn't advocate/not-advocate/not-sure about advocating the use of nuclear weapons/invading our ally Pakistan.