Friday, August 10, 2007

Is Liberalism on the Upswing?

The Economist has some excellent commentary on the state of the battle of ideas in America. Here are some highlights:

"The issues that people care about are also tipping the Democrats' way. A Pew Research poll in March discovered growing worry about income inequality combined with growing support for the social safety net. The proportion of Americans who believe that “the government should help the needy even if it means greater debt” has risen from 41% in 1994, at the height of the Republican revolution, to 54% today. The poll also revealed a decline in support for the things that drove the Republican resurgence in the mid-1990s, such as traditional moral values."

" The proportion of 18-25-year-olds who identify with the Republican Party has declined from 55% in 1991 to 35% in 2006, according to Pew."

" The damage is not limited to the Bush administration: a Rasmussen poll on July 25th-26th found that Mrs Clinton outscores Mr Giuliani as the candidate voters trust most on national security. "


"The Democrats' good fortune is much more the result of a Republican collapse than a Democratic revival. The March Pew poll shows that the proportion of people who express a positive view of the Democratic Party has actually declined by six points since January 2001."

"The Democratic-controlled Congress is even more unpopular than the Bush White House, with the lowest approval rating in 35 years."

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BruinKid said...

This article got front-paged at DailyKos when thereisnospoon (also a UCLA grad, w00t) wrote about it.