Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This is Bound to Piss Off All the Obama-ites...

...and probably make me the target of more," Harrison, he's not running, just shut up already!"

So I know I said earlier that I've pretty much given up all hope that Gore will run. Note how I said "pretty much..."

Bill Clinton, not Hillary, said in June on whether or not he thought Al Gore would run for president:

"I don't know, he could. Someone's got to fizzle," he said. "If someone fizzles, then he could enter the race. He's got plenty of money, his own money, to do it."

Clinton agreed with what I've been trumpeting for months now: that Gore has enough personal wealth to be able to sit out and perch for a while before stepping in late in the game. He would also be able to raise a bunch of money overnight with considerable ease.

That was June. Four months later, is Clinton's statement beginning to materialize for you? Take a look at the latest ABC News/Wall Street Journal Poll. Hillary now has more than half of the Democrats. Mr. Obama is running in at second with 20%, plus he dropped 40% in fundraising since the last quarter.

Obama is "fizzling," and the time is ripe for Gore to throw his hat in. With Obama faltering quickly, Gore could step in right now and impress those anti-war Iowans with not only his anti-war record (sorry Hill-dog), but his extensive experience and enormous credentials (sorry Barack). Those Iowans would just eat him up.

Some people are even going so far as to say that if he does not enter the race, he will cost the Democrats the 2008 election. Too many Democrats dislike Hillary's record and there is no chance in hell that Republicans will vote for her. They'll back their nominee and enough Democrats will vote for a third-party guy to lose the election. I'm not saying that I agree with this completely, but the fact that Gore could actually be a spoiler by not running is scary.

The man has got to declare very soon, if not right now. If he comes in too late, too many people will consider him smug and arrogant. I declared in April that Gore would enter this we'll find out.

The clock is ticking. Could we end up seeing Al Gore 2008 soon (That's right, say it!)?

In the end, it may still be a long shot, but I can dream, can't I?


gabe said...

hahaha, the idea that obama is "fizzling" when he is literally running tied/ahead in Iowa (the only poll that actually matters) is laughable.

oh, and everyone's fund raising goes down Q3- well, everyone except ron paul. i'd say w 350,000+ donors, the campaign is doing just fine.

BruinKid said...
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BruinKid said...

We have very conflicting polls out there. The latest Newsweek poll shows Obama leads among likely caucus-goers. But ARG shows Hillary has the lead among them. And TIME shows Edwards leading the field. Who's right? Who knows?

But what I do know is that ABC News poll is worthless. Look carefully, they interviewed ALL ADULTS. Any election poll must interview at the very least, REGISTERED voters, if not likely voters.

By making that poll of all adults, they open it up to the millions of Americans who simply do not follow politics at all. You know, the over 30% of Americans who don't even know Dick Cheney is the Vice President. They may think of themselves as "Democrats", but they're never going to see the inside of a polling booth, and they probably don't know who Obama and Edwards even are.

Taylor Kayatta said...

Damn, that is a large picture of Gore. As for his possible presidential run, I am not so sure how I feel about that anymore. Indeed, I am part of the "Draft Gore" internet campaign, but I don't necessarily think his running would be good for the country anymore. As an outsider to the process, I believe he has more influence, and thus his ideals about the environment and whatnot will be more paid attention to. I could be wrong here, and maybe only by running will the environment become a big issue again? On a final note, if he were to run, I would hope that he could adopt more issues than just the environment (as strongly as I feel about that, the country needs more than a one-issue man).