Monday, October 29, 2007

Bill Maher: Real threats vs. fearmongering

Bill Maher had another excellent New Rule to close his show on Friday, asking what are the real threats, versus what are the hyped up threats the GOP presidential candidates are using to scare the American people with yet again.

And here was an interesting segment where Andrew Sullivan has some questions for the GOP candidates. If only if someone would ask THESE questions at an actual debate. But what got even more interesting was when Gen. Clark hit Sullivan over his anti-Hillary stuff, and Maher defended Sullivan. Earlier in the show, Sullivan and Clark had also gone at each other over Hillary's support of Lieberman-Kyl, and if Muslim women really want "freedom". Very interesting segment. Do a search on YouTube, and you can see the entire show, cut up into several segments, online.

And as always, here is the Overtime segment, which can only be viewed online. They discuss some more things about Iraq, Iran, and terrorism.

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