Thursday, October 04, 2007

Not another Craig post!!

He's not going to resign, after all!

Regardless of how you feel about whether a homosexual sex scandal is something that should impact a man's ability to do his job, the whole media frenzy over this has been a bit ridiculous. Is it because it was a homosexual action, or is it just the nation's obsession with sex rearing its ugly head again? Regardless, the real problem is that it is irrelevant and distracting, much like the Clinton sex scandal. He may be a hypocrite, and it may make the Republican party look even worse, but we need to get past it. There are other, more important issues to talk about, and seriously, I have heard very little about his voting record or anything like that.

Click here to read the WP article on his not resigning

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BruinKid said...

Actually, that's the thing. His voting record is ridiculously conservative. The sad thing is that he's consistently voted against anything that even resembled gay rights legislation. Even after the scandal broke in August, he voted against the new hate crimes legislation that included crimes against gays.

I don't really have any sympathy for him. He's voting to keep people like him trapped in the closet, unable to come to terms with who he truly is.