Sunday, October 21, 2007

Edwards and Kasparov on Maher

Everyone's talking about the 9/11 truthers invading Bill Maher's show (see below), but aside from that, Bill had two great interviews in that show. The first was with John Edwards, who was in the studio for a pre-taping (hence why the audience was asked to show up by 3pm, instead of the usual 6pm). Edwards did very well, and may have won over some people. For me, I liked his clarification on ethanol not being a solution, but more of a transition product to help us in our long-term goal of energy independence.

After that, Maher had an amazing interview with former Russian chess champion Garry Kasparov, who is now running for President of Russia against Vladimir Putin, in what is still a police state in some ways. Kasparov deflects all of Bill's criticisms, and really challenges him on several key issues. How courageous of him, given that many of Putin's other opponents, especially those in the media who dare to investigate his regime, mysteriously wind up dead.

And as always, the excellent New Rules to end the show, with a final rule to the "Values Voters".

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