Saturday, October 13, 2007

Missing Phil...

Yes, he was easy to make fun of. Yes, its not like he ever really had a chance. And yes, I finally found it in my heart to throw out his foam likeness over summer. But after today's veto-extravaganza by Arnold, I find myself wistful for Phil. We worked our asses off here at UCLA to get him elected, and did what I think was a pretty good job- I think 60+% of the vote, according Daily Bruin exit polls.

Pretty much, as hard as we were working, I remember the sentiment amongst a lot of Democrats at the time was "well, Arnold's not that bad- whats the difference?" Today, we saw the difference. We were one signature away from marriage equality. We were one signature away from allowing undocumented students, who came here as kids and worked their asses off to get to college, a chance to actually afford it. And Arnold decided to go back to good old partisan politics and put his party ahead of his constituents.

Fucking shame. Remember this next time we're told that "moderate" Republicans "aren't that bad."


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