Sunday, November 11, 2007

Regarding UFOs

So I finally took the time to vote in the UFO poll, only to see that quite a few people have voted that they do not exist. Now, not to sound like an asshole, but how can that be? UFO means Unexplained Flying Object, so if anyone saw anything they couldn't explain, it would be a(n) UFO. This doesn't mean it has to be an alien starship, but perhaps it was a kind of bird you'd never seen before?

As far as aliens go, though, I think claiming they do not exist would be a legitimate claim. I may be a bit of a closet trekkie (hell, I used to wake up at like 5am to watch it on Maine Public Access TV when I was in elementary school), but regardless of any cool fantasies, it seems to me that if the universe is as infinitively large as it is, it would only make sense that life of some sort could have evolved elsewhere. Or are we no better than the philosophers of old who thought it would only make sense for Earth to be the center of the universe? What makes US so special?

Gabe, hope this makes you happy! I haven't bashed any 08 candidates in this post. :)


Kyle said...

I heard Obama is actually a space alien Muslim in disguise who doesn't pledge allegiance to America.

My sources:

Obama's Official Campaign Site

Afshin said...

no wai!!!!!1111111

Afshin said...

also also, just speaking out of sheer drunkardness but what has anyone actually travelled farther than the moon, 'cause like, as much as Tom Tancredo (sic?) wants to believe, there aren't any aliens on Earth so the only other location they might be is space, so like where's the beef?

Aight I'm going to sleeep.

Kyle said...

HAHAHAHA I love you Afshin