Wednesday, November 21, 2007

GOP's dirty tricks on CA electoral vote caught on video at UCSB

Erik Love of the Courage Campaign has the story. At UCSB, these petition gatherers are asking students to sign a petition involving money for cancer research. Awwwwww.... who wouldn't sign that? But then they ask the students to sign two or three more other papers underneath, with a rubber band holding the papers together right where the text of the petition is, so the student can't read the rest, unless they first remove the rubber band. And unless they're suspicious, they usually don't.

Here's the video of them on the UCSB campus.

Notice that they do say what the petition is for, but only says they're "trying to redistrict the electoral college". WTF does that even mean? You "redistrict" congressional districts after a census (and mid-decade too, if you're Tom DeLay). The guy is spewing nonsense, hoping he's not caught in his bullshit. And while it's not on video, the student interviews show that those guys are lying to UCSB students about what the petitions are truly for, which is a crime under California election law.

Hopefully the Courage Campaign will go back with hidden cameras, posing as UCSB students (or get real students to help them out), and capture these guys on film openly lying about the petitions. Because these people need to be sitting in prison for pulling a dirty trick like this.

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