Friday, November 16, 2007

Bruins are Ready for 2008

In case you missed it, the Daily Bruin ran a piece about the presidential candidate groups sprouting across campus. It's definitely worth the two-minutes it takes to read.

I'm not posting this article because I'm quoted in it, but rather because it introduces the players in the 2008 primary campaign here at UCLA. The cast includes Bruins for Hillary, Bruins for Obama (my personal favorite), Bruins for Kucinich, and, of course, Ron Paul 2008 (perhaps they decided against a "Bruins for" moniker because they disdain government involvement in public education?).

Many students berate the Daily Bruin -- in a lot of cases, rightfully so -- but it's good to know that they have their eye on the ball as far as the upcoming primary is concerned. Writers Ravi Doshi and Tessa McClellan told me that the paper is creating a specific "beat" for the 2008 primary contest. Now, that's good news.

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