Monday, November 12, 2007

Person of the Week

As a self annointed judge of good deed and character, I have decided to bestow the coveted "Pour-Ghasemi's Person of the Week" (i ran out of alliteration) Award upon.....King Juan Carlos of Spain! Despite not doing a single thing I have deemed worthy of recognition since that brief run of their's in the 1500's, the larger Iberian nation has finally done something I can approve of. King Juan Carlos told Hugo Chavez to shut up. King Juan Carlos told Hugo Chavez to shut up! That just felt so good typing, I had to put it in there twice. Here is the full article on the bbc. I had to outsource my news source because cnn only runs stories about the first lesbian couple being eliminated on the amazing race and a deer leaping into a polar bear exhibit. Anyways, Hugo was blustering on and on at the Ibero-American summit in Chile and referred to Spain's former prime minister, Aznar, a conservative, as a "fascist" during his speech. When Spain's current Prime Minister (a socialist) defended Aznar, Chavez tried to interrupt, despite his mic being turned off (wish that would happen more often). King Juan Carlos, aka Captain Awesome, then said to Chavez "Why don't you shut up?" Moreover, he used a familiar term used only for close friends (obviously they're not) and children (hahahahahhahaa pwn). Hugocito then got all pissy and used Nicarauguan President Daniel Ortega's alloted speaking time to issue his retort. I'm so glad that someone is standing up to Chavez, albeit in a small way. Carlos' command is indicative of the opinion of most of the world and its about time Chavez heard it. So props to you King Juan Carlos. You are my person of the week. Bada bing bada boom.

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Kyle said...

That's the video. Color me lolling. Go Spanish King!