Friday, February 02, 2007

Why Should This Guy Be Senator Or Governor?

I don't care if you're in love with him or how good looking he is. Gavin Newsom has some bad judgement man. I have to be honest, I would probably always question the working class leadership credentials of a guy who made millions selling wine in the Napa Valley.

But he just makes it so easy to look at him suspiciously. There was the time he dated a 20 year old girl who tended to drink at events, and now he admits to an affair with his best friend/campaign manager. I myself may not subscribe to the theory, but I know many Democrats who felt he served up the gay marriege issue right in time for the 2004 elections. Good intentions? Yes. Bad timing? You decide.

Debra Saunders inks a good column on the "Boy Mayor".

(P.S. This post was only mad to infuriate Kyle)


Kyle said...

President Bill Clinton smoked weed and cheated on his wife (at least once). But you know what, he was a fairly good president.

I've met Gavin Newsom several times, and have heard him speak on several occasions. I can say with a good deal of certainty that he is not only the best orator in California politics, but also one of the most likeable politicians I've ever met.

Does this mean he doesn't have a zipper problem? No, it doesn't. But politicians, especially good ones, have a way of getting around their weaknesses, however bad or uncouth they may appear.

gabe said...

If I hear one more person talk about how gay marriage cost us the 2004 election, I'm going to actually bust out the graphs that show pretty conclusively what a non-factor it was. Stop taking what is said on Meet the Press as fact.

Oh, and Newsom is fine. He'll win re-election, and in four years nobody will remember this.

Curtis said...

I think Aria's post shows that Gavin Newsom has a true deficiency of character. President Clinton didn't sleep with James Carville's wife. Adultery is always immoral, but sleeping with the wife of your good friend and trusted colleague is f--ked up beyond belief. And though it is certainly legal, I find his romance with a 19, er, 20 year old girl to be a little questionable. He's simply not statewide material.