Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Al Gore's electricity bill heats up blogosphere

The Vice President's yearly average power consumption came to 221,000-kWh. That's nearly $1,400/month.

The article states that this is about 20 times the amount of power the average American uses. Bear in mind, he has a 20 room house too. I hate it when people (you know who I'm talking about) try to make a whole bunch of something out of a whole bunch of nothing.


Kristina said...

I loooooove Al Gore, and want him to run for President. But doesn't this kind of beg the question of why people need 20 bedroom houses...especially if they use up more resources?

Taylor said...

Comparing his residence to the average American household is ridiculous. While it would be nice if he were to be "one of the people" and live in a 2 bedroom track house with a covered carport, the reality is that he deserves to live this well and as I've heard said (I forget where), he probably uses less energy than the average 20 bedroom mansion. :)