Thursday, February 22, 2007

Open Thread: So Lets Talk About This Hillary/Obama Thing

So all this drama today over the NYT interview with David Geffen (huge UCLA donor btw) is getting bigger and bigger. No need to ask me where I stand on this thing. But with that said, it appears as bloggers and the Obama crowd are gonna go to bed (probably on the 1.3 million they raised last night) with a smile on their face.

The headline over at reads "Hillary Campaign Loses Its Cool". Now I know Arianna isn't a big fan of good ole' Hill (can I call her that?), but that is one of the most visited liberal blogs on the internet, and reading about all the back and forth that went on today with the campaigns, if I was an objective observer (obviously I'm not) I would say Obama's camp looks like they are on top of their game, and Clinton's need to do some brushing up. All this being said this raises a ton of questions;

-Is this too early for this stuff to go on?
-Should this go on at all in the primary?
-Whose wrong here?
-Does Obama get a free ride from the media (when they aren't mixing him up with Osama, or telling us he was attended a terrorist training camp)?
-Does Geffen have a point? After all, he hasn't always thought of the Clintons like this.
-Why is Aria so damn good looking?

K, people I want some answers and discussion on this one....


Afshin said...

I'm not gonna touch on the last question since it's more radioactive than any political issue out there, but as for Geffen's instigation, I'ma go with the disheartened yet empathetic position towards Geffen and the Obama campaign.

Geffen, as stated, was a huge contributor the the Clinton campaigns yet now since he felt betrayed he wishes to have his voice heard. If you haven't noticed, the deeper the pockets one has, the louder the voice and since Geffen has lots of money, his harsh opinion was heard loud and clear. It's unfortunate that he said what he said, but to reprimand Obama or any other candidate based upon how his supporters express themselves or what they've said is, frankly, pretty retarded.

Hillary (or 'Hill' since everyone's a pop star with a flashly nickname) needs to get off her high horse and take this opportunity to keep things positive. Notably, being sensitive isn't a highly regarded quality for being president. She had a great opportunity to look like the bigger person yet she resorted to defensive tactics which made her look like she's having a fit.

On the other hand, if Obama really wants to prove that he's different, he needs to first show how he's the paragon of honest leadership. He literally needs illustrate how he can be a leader by ensuring that his donors don't pull another fast one. And he needs to establish a base of people who are on the same page and willing to go in the same direction.


Kristina said...

-Is this too early for this stuff to go on? Well, it's certainly not surprising considering how early everything has started in this election.

-Should this go on at all in the primary? Petty fighting doesn't belong in a primary or a general election. But it's inevitable.

-Whose wrong here? Ehh...I don't know everything, but I think it's a little silly for the Clinton campaign to ask Obama's campaign for an apology...especially it didn't seem like she confronted Geffen directly. Not wise in general, or politically.

-Does Obama get a free ride from the media (when they aren't mixing him up with Osama, or telling us he was attended a terrorist training camp)? Not completely. But even if he did, that doesn't mean everything (the media loved McCain in 2000)

-Does Geffen have a point? After all, he hasn't always thought of the Clintons like this.
Once again, don't know all the story. If this is just about being bitter about one pardon, that's a little silly. Then again, people who donate a lot usually feel entitled to more (as a former political fundraiser, I know this)

-Why is Aria so damn good looking? Umm...Republicans are more my type :)

-Kristina...old fogie BD prez procrastinating from her reading...and still dating her Republican BF.

President Merkin Muffley said...

Geffen said exactly what a lot of people are feeling about Hillary... that she is too divisive to win the general election.

As much as Democrats want to think that her candidacy is a third term for Bill, at the end of the day, Hillary will win or lose on her own merits. Many people fear that Hillary brings many of Clinton's negatives...especially taking non-principled, politically convenient positions on issues (see her Iraq position), without any of his positives... a fantastic retail politician, with an unequaled ability to communicate and relate to voters.

As for your process questions... this whole thing is like two heavyweights circling each other in the first round of a title fight. The dance around, feigning punches, testing the other's defense, and trying to get a sense of their strategy and how they plan on defending themselves.

Yes it's early, and if I had my way Dems wouldn't be taking shots at each other. The crazy thing is neither of these two has thrown a big punch yet. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

Right now, this is Hillary's race to lose, and it is unlikely she will make a mistake or be brought down by something from her past. So if Obama or Edwards or whomever want to win, they are going to have to take it from her. That means negative campaigning.

Obama has a problem here because with his message of change he cannot throw the first punch and risk being thought of as "just another politician." Therefore to the extent that Hillary gave him an opening to attack without looking bad, he wins.

On the other hand, if you are a staffer in Hillaryland, there is only so long you can let him build momentum before you have to try to lay a glove on the guy.

Buckle up kids, we ain't seen nothin yet!

Taylor said...

I frankly don't really care about David Geffen. He is just trying to fluff up some feathers, but it should NOT be headline news. Also, Hilary could have handled this issue much better; while she has every right to defend herself, if she hadn't made such a fuss about it, she would actually have been much better off because no one would have heard about it. I like how Barak took the high road here, even though I'm still in Camp Hilary until further notice.