Friday, August 29, 2008

DNC recap

Sometimes, it's best to see what happened without the media and pundits telling you what to think. Sometimes, it's best to simply view the key speeches unfiltered, and judge for yourself. So here are the full speeches of the key speakers from the four nights.


Ted Kennedy & Michelle Obama


First, here's the moment when Hillary officially asked that Obama be declared our official nominee by acclimation.

Mark Warner & Hillary Clinton


Bill Clinton & John Kerry

Beau Biden & Joe Biden


Al Gore & Barack Obama

But if you still needed any evidence that Obama hit a grand slam with that speech, just check out Pat Buchanan's reaction to his speech. This is Pat Buchanan we're talking about.

Too bad the AP decided to do a hit job on Obama's speech. Nice of them to write the story saying it wasn't that good... before Obama even finished his speech. Of course, they have a Ron Fournier problem. A guy who tried to get a JOB with the McCain campaign, and exchanged cozy e-mails with Karl Rove, should NOT be the AP's Washington bureau chief.

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