Saturday, August 30, 2008

DNC recap, Colbert Report version

OK, so the previous post had Daily Show videos recapping the convention. Now, for Stephen Colbert's treatment of the convention.


Stephen shows what asswipes Fox News's Bill Kristol and Megyn Kelly are for their analyses of Michelle Obama's speech.


Hillary pledges her support for Obama. Included is video of Bill Clinton mouthing "I love you" to friend of Bruin Democrats, California State Controller John Chiang. No, folks, it's not real, it was spliced together. Plus, more evidence of Bill Kristol's douchebaggery.

Stephen profiles someone who loves what Bush did to the economy: a repo man.

Stephen interviews Mike Huckabee, who says he's proud of the fact that Obama is the Democratic Party nominee.


Stephen rips into the National Review's Kyle-Anne Shiver for claiming that Martin Luther King Jr. wouldn't vote for Obama if he were still alive today. This is actually a very insightful clip about how the right wing keeps wanting to play the culture war game of the 1960s, instead of discussing the actual issues of today.


Hilarious nalysis of Obama's speech with the Denver Broncos' Terrell Davis.

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