Saturday, August 30, 2008

DNC recap, Daily Show version

OK, so you saw below the videos from the DNC. Well, here's the Daily Show recap of the convention, as only the Daily Show can do. This week, they went from Tuesday-Friday to recap the previous day's action. Here are the highlights. The next post has the Colbert Report recap.


Michelle Obama's patriotism: Best line from the clip (not to spoil things): "[Michelle Obama] must prove she loves America. As opposed to Republicans, who everyone knows love America... they just hate half the people living in it."

The gang rip into bitter Hillary "supporters". I put those in quotes because quite a few of them are the PUMA folks, who seem to actually be Republicans pretending to be lifelong Democrats in order to gain media attention and cause trouble. They got punk'd good. :-)


Coverage of Hillary's speech

Disunity at MSNBC?


With Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Joe Biden speaking, the Daily Show called this one "white dudes speaking".

Daily Show's Obama bio video: some of you will be offended by this.


Obama's acceptance speech

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