Sunday, January 13, 2008


Huh? Mouseland? It's a very interesting speech from Canada's Tommy Douglas, former premier of Saskatchewan and also Kiefer Sutherland's grandfather. This speech from 1944 holds as much truth to it as it did back then. Something to think about.

Why do mice elect a government made up of cats?

I found that while reading this incredibly snarky diary from TXsharon about getting back together with her abusive ex-husband. Read the diary, read the links, and you should understand her final message, which Tommy Douglas articulated over 60 years ago. She ends with a jarring statement.

The Democratic Party and voters are codependent, insane and addicted to cognitive dissonance.

They cry out for leaders who aren't paid protectors of special interest groups yet they continue to elect leaders who are paid protectors of special interest groups and, all the while, they expect a different result for repeating their unfortunate and misguided choices.

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