Friday, January 18, 2008

The Edwards moneybomb: fighting back

Media blogger KingOneEye started a campaign to help John Edwards break through the media blackout of him. Oh, didn't know there was a media blackout? Yep.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism confirmed this too.

Edwards has been pissing off all the right people. People like Rupert Murdoch, the DLC, William F. Buckley, Bill O'Reilly, and the rest of the corporate media. CNN and SurveyUSA have both dropped Edwards from their general election matchups. FoxNews never bothered to include him in any of their matchups at all. Newspapers around the country do their best not to mention him. And if they do, it's to write negative stories to smear him with. See the New York Post (owned by Mr. Murdoch himself) as an example. Want more proof? See all of Google News. It's not just confined to one or two newspapers.

And so, people all over the country are fighting back with their pockets. If Ron Paul supporters could raise $6 million in one day for him, why can't Edwards supporters raise $7 million in one day? Click on the picture below to help contribute to the cause, and stop the media blackout of John Edwards.


gabe said...

how much did he raise?

BruinKid said...

Probably not all $7 million. Paul supporters had weeks to plan their moneybomb; this one was in four days.

David Bonoir did thank everyone on the John Edwards blog for the donations.

"Thanks to you, we received several thousand contributions on Friday - and more than half of those contributions were from folks who had never before made a donation to our campaign."