Sunday, December 16, 2007

Why Clinton?

Today the Des Moines Register endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination (full endorsement here) and John McCain for the Republican nomination. The Des Moines Register is the most coveted newspaper endorsement and I can imagine that all of the candidates were waiting eagerly this morning, much like USAC candidates wait for Daily Bruin endorsements.

Here is an excerpt:
The choice, then, comes down to preparedness: Who is best prepared to confront the enormous challenges the nation faces — from ending the Iraq war to shoring up America’s middle class to confronting global climate change?

The job requires a president who not only understands the changes needed to move the country forward but also possesses the discipline and skill to navigate the reality of the resistant Washington power structure to get things done.

That candidate is New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

From working for children’s rights as a young lawyer, to meeting with leaders around the world as first lady, to emerging as an effective legislator in her service as a senator, every stage of her life has prepared her for the presidency.
The Des Moines Register also said that Barack Obama "also demonstrates the potential to be a fine president," but there is less love for the Register's 2004 pick, John Edwards.

Naturally every campaign (and their bloggers) will spin this their way, but only time will tell what impact, if any, this endorsement has.


Afshin said...

Obama will get the New York Times, just you wait and see...!

BruinKid said...

BooMan says that the Register's endorsement of Hillary actually strengthens the case for Edwards:

"But it's painfully clear that any politician that has the audacity to question corporations' behavior and influence is going to get bad press and no endorsements. That kind of strengthens Edwards' message...doesn't it?

Consider that Washington DC is preparing to hand the telecommunications corporations a blanket retroactive immunity for lawbreaking without even getting information about the details in exchange. And who owns the press?"

BruinKid said...

Meanwhile, Edwards also scored Mari Culver's endorsement. She's the wife of Iowa Governor Chet Culver, who will remain neutral in the primary.

Four years ago, Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack endorsed John Kerry shortly before he won the caucuses, and her endorsement was seen as helpful. We'll see how helpful Mrs. Culver's endorsement is here.

Kristina said...

I was waiting for your spin Bruinkid :)

BruinKid said...

Naturally. :-D

But, this being the Bruin Dems blog, perhaps I should've linked Ezra Klein's take on the DMR endorsement. He also seems to be leaning towards a certain candidate. What can I say, Brilliant Bruin Bloggers think alike! ;-)