Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fox News attacks Edwards/Obama

For freezing Fox News out, Edwards and Obama are now subjected to smears and attacks from Fox News. Brave New Films put together a compilation tape of evidence. One or two times may be brushed off, but when you have dozens and dozens of examples, that says something.


Afshin said...

So is this assuming they were being praised before they were asked, and now "newsflash" they're subject to smear attacks because they refuse to appear on FoxNews? Who's really got their panties up in a bunch, 'cause I don't get it?

BruinKid said...

Brave New Films is trying to show that Fox News is NOT a "fair and balanced" network by any stretch of the imagination. You and I know that, but there are still way too many Americans who still trust in Fox News as actually being an "objective" news network.

Afshin said...

Ok, then I misinterpreted your post.