Sunday, December 16, 2007

That Look

One of the most powerful diaries we've seen this entire year on the blogosphere was just written as the holiday season approaches.

The year we stole a Christmas tree

How impactful was it? When DailyKos diarist karateexplosions, known for his widely read satirical diaries mocking the White House press secretary's briefings, read that diary, he became an Edwards supporter. It was this comment that did it for him.

That look.

I've heard John Edwards talk about this before, that look on your fathers face when he realizes there isn't enough money. The guilt, the pain.

AND, not having done anything wrong, having worked hard, tried to get ahead, just to be left behind.

As karateexplosions writes:

I know that look too. But I never knew what that look meant until I saw it on my own face.

I have avoided picking one candidate up until now, for a number of reasons. Mainly, because I like all of our Democratic candidates (well, I guess I could do without Gravel). And I still like them all, and would still vote for any Democrat in the general who won the nomination. I have no desire to participate in the "I hate your candidate because..." diaries. I like them all.

But my primary vote goes to Edwards and his message of hope. I never wanted my children to have to see That Look. But now that they have, I want to work for an American future that means my children's children will never have to see That Look.

But I want to take this opportunity to talk about something I noticed when watching the CNN Las Vegas debate with the Bruin Dems last month. It was during this segment, and the response from most of the Bruin Dems in the crowd.

All of us are going to be fine. The question is: Will America be fine?

Now, that line was deeply impactful for many on the blogs. But at the debate-watching party, most of the Bruin Dems started laughing at that line, mocking him for how corny it sounded. Maybe we're just the "coastal elites", and the line works better among the middle and working classes. But I was surprised at the disconnect between those of us who are progressive.

Speculating here, but it may have to do with the socio-economic status we come from. I don't think anyone at the party was from below the poverty line. For those who come from upper middle class families and haven't been without in their lives, yeah, the line may sound corny. But to those who have experienced poverty or near-poverty, that line means something to them. That is why you had those two extremely powerful diaries on DailyKos, because of That Look. It is one of the reasons I am a Democrat.

I'd like to hear from the others as to why that line didn't connect with you guys, the way it hits home for so many others.

BTW, here's the music video that goes with the final quote from the first diary. It is the Christmas season, after all.

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Abraham said...

I think it was just the context in which the quote was given. I laughed along with most other folks at it, not because I thought he was being disingenuous, but because the leadup was fairly corny. I find this clip to be much more inspirational and chilling.