Thursday, January 18, 2007

Keep an Eye on Bill Richardson

I can’t help but notice that Gov. Bill Richardson is constantly on cable news shows talking about domestic issues, and even dabbling in on some foreign policy from time to time. It’s been a rumor for sometime that Richardson has been eyeing the White House. Back in December he said that he would be making his decision sometime in January.

Now you may ask, “Who is Bill Richardson, and what’s makes him so special, compared to every other elected official Presidential wannabe out there?”

Richardson is the two term Governor of New Mexico. He is a former Congressman, as well as being Clinton's Secretary of Energy and his Ambassador to the UN (foreign policy experience).

In 2006 he was reelected in New Mexico with nearly 70% of the vote. In the same election he served as head of the Democratic Governors Association, and as we all known, it was a great election for Democratic Governors nationwide.

For six years he has held the executive office in New Mexico, a very important swing state. In 2000 New Mexico broke for Gore by .06%, and in 2004 Bush won New Mexico with .79%. Richardson is no stranger to working with the other side, and has an overall approval rating 62%. More importantly 60% with Independents and 41% with Republicans!

And lastly, you might not be able to tell by his name, but Richardson is the only Hispanic Governor in all of the US. In 2004, Bush took 44% of the Hispanic vote, which makes up 8% of the electorate.

Minus an embarrassing white lie he told about his baseball career, I think Richardson is a talent in the party, and should be seriously considered for higher office. The bloggers on Kos seem to think highly of Richardson as well. Plus he makes great campaign commercials.

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