Monday, January 15, 2007

Denver It Is

Mark your calendars. The Republicans will be Minnesota (cough cough Al Franken) following our convention, which will be in Denver, Colorado from August 25th-28th, at the Pepsi Center.


Republican Senator Wayne Allard may be retiring that year, and nut job Minuteman Congressman Tom Tancredo will most likely run if he does. Regardless if Allard retires or not, expect the very funny Democratic Congressman Mark Udall (as seen on Better Know a District #5, Colorado’s 2nd. The fighting 2nd! Airing on November 16th, 2005, so what if I watch it?), to run. He has all but officially announced. Maybe that Coors guy will run too.

Not only is that big Senate Race shaping up but this yet again shows the trend of the mountain west becoming America's new battle ground. Colorado is another one of those purple states that has barely broke Republican in the last two elections; 8% in ’00, and 4.6% in ’04. With those numbers, and the fact they elected Democratic Senator Ken Salazar in 2004, Colorado could be trending Democratic. Picking up those 8 electoral votes would be big. The strategic reasons for Denver are much of the reason many of the bloggers over at Kos were pulling for Denver.

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