Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bill O'Reilly's Head Is Blowing Up Somewhere

Funny man Al Franken will be running for the Senate in his home state of Minnesota against incumbant Republican Senator Norm Coleman.

Last year when I wasn't a full time student and was working, I would listen to Franken in my office everyday from 9-12. I'm really glad he is running, even though it may be hard for him to get voters to take him seriously. But hey, this is the same state the elected Jesse Ventura Governor, so why not. He is funny, factual, articulate, and will make C-SPAN way more funny to watch.

The story
The Wiki (he is a Harvard Grad suprisingly)
The Colbert interview


Kristina said...

As a native Minnesotan & Franken fan, I'm really happy (you long as Franken wins and doesn't push out some more qualified candidate).

Keep up the good work blogging! I always appreciate sites that help me procrastinate from my casebook reading.

BD Old Timer

Curtis Whatley said...

I hope he's elected. His Senate floor speeches would be hilarious. And what about committee hearings? Can you imagine Al Franken on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee?

Aside from being funny, I think he is qualified. That may sound suprising, but he has demonstrated an unrelenting dedication to making America a better place. That's what really separates good senators from bad senators.