Tuesday, September 09, 2008

RNC recap, Daily Show version

Just like I did here with the DNC, here's the Daily Show recap of the Republican convention, as only the Daily Show can do. Again, they went from Tuesday-Friday to recap the previous day's action. Here are the highlights. The next post has the Colbert Report recap.


The Daily Show kicked things off with an absolutely devastating look at the RNC, in light of Gustav, mimicking the news coverage after Katrina.

They also had this hilarious send-up of the Palin pick as a weather event.


The Larry Craig Bathroom. Yes, the Daily Show had to go there. :-)

Some good lines here about the traitor, Joe Lieberman.

This one really is a must-see video where Jon eviscerates the GOP's utter hypocrisy over the Palin pick, highlighting the double-talk from Karl Rove and Dick Morris. "In Dick Morris's defense, he is a lying sack of shit." LOL!

Newt Gingrich was the interview guest, and Jon took him to task for the hypocrisy over the abortion issue with Palin, and wouldn't let Newt get away with the standard GOP talking points, which is infinitely more than what most real journalists do. A comic is putting them to shame.


Jon ripped into the Republicans mocking community organizers and Sarah Palin's speech.

Samantha Bee did a great job exposing the hypocrisy of the RNC delegates themselves, going into contortions to describe what Bristol Palin did in keeping her baby. How can you say it was her "choice" if you don't believe in "choice" for any woman?


Jon recaps the final day and John McCain's acceptance speech. Included is their Walter Reed gaffe where they mixed up the medical center with the middle school in North Hollywood, CA.

Jon's team put together their own John McCain bio video. A great piece of parody.

The Daily Show team asks just what the Republicans mean by "small town values".

And here's a special treat for y'all, from August 4, 2000, when Stephen Colbert describes what it's like on the floor of the RNC. :-)

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