Saturday, May 10, 2008

NY-13: Vito Fossella (R) has DUI, secret family

Well, the beginning of May got off to a shocker in New York, when the only Republican congressman in New York City, Vito Fossella, was busted on DWI charges in Alexandria, Virginia, and faced a possible five days in jail. But then the story got even more intriguing when a "mystery woman" picked Fossella up from jail.

But on Thursday, another bombshell dropped. Fossella admitted to having had an extramarital affair with the woman, and fathering a child with her. Except he's already married with three kids. Sadly, it looks like his family found out about all this the same time the rest of us did.

Interestingly enough, while the New York papers all seem to be telling Fossella to resign, the residents of NY-13 actually are saying the opposite, with 61% saying he should not resign, and only 32% saying he should. A majority of both Democrats and Independents say he should stay in office, along with two-thirds of Republicans. But only 53% of residents say he should run for re-election. Now, part of this may be because some Democrats feel running against Fossella would now be easier than running against a fresh GOP face that doesn't have all this scandalous baggage attached.

And now this weekend, conflicting reports. WNBC is reporting that Fossella is about to resign, perhaps by Monday. But then the New York Post reports that Vito is defiant, and won't resign. So who knows what will happen now.

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Anonymous said...

New York values for you. Fosella and Spitzer should co-host a tv show. At least Larry Craig had the decency to announce he wouldn't run again and his constituents wanted him to leave.

The complicity with this kind of behavior in New York is a sign of the moral decay in some parts of this country.