Friday, May 02, 2008

Ben Stein disses UCLA

In promoting his sham of a film, Expelled, which basically tries to brainwash their audiences with intelligent design, Ben Stein dissed us while speaking in Vermont.

Stein has recently drawn fire for "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," his documentary on the failure of the theory of intelligent design to be accepted by the scientific community.

Pamphlets that scolded the filmmakers for blaming Darwin for the Holocaust were given out to the audience.

The topic was largely not addressed in his main lecture, but was contentiously raised several times during the question-and-answer segment of the talk.

When asked how he could say "with a straight face" that intelligent design is a legitimate scientific theory, Stein responded that Darwinism could not account for large-scale evolution, only microevolution.

Stein finished his talk touching on the importance of community and education. He said that the only way to turn the economy around is "not about taxing millionaires, but keeping families together."

Stein criticized educational systems, but put the blame largely on students for not having the kind of "mental discipline" necessary to perform well on testing.

He also joked about the lack of educational standards, "What do you get after driving around the UCLA campus in a red BMW for four years?" Stein said, "a degree."

For more information on what's so wrong with Stein's "documentary", see the Federation of American Scientists for an explanation of what biology and science really are, and read this to learn how Stein's people violated copyright law by ripping off John Lennon's "Imagine" without paying for the rights to use that song. Also his producers lied to The Killers about what their film was about in order to get the rights to use their song in it too. Tsk, tsk.

For a complete debunking of the film, see Expelled Exposed.


Anonymous said...

Ben Stein is an idiot, but at least he didn't cause mass starvation. Those ethanol subsidies Dems like al Whore ran around promoting are now increasing food prices to catastrophic levels. Thank you Democrat Party.

BruinKid said...

Anonymous, I understand you're getting your talking points about ethanol and Gore from right-wing sites, without bothering to do any research to see if they're telling the truth or not.

Get a clue: they're not. Even the American Conservative, of all places, debunks your silly notions.

In reality the Republican congress passed and George W. Bush signed the 2005 energy policy act which is repsonsible for the current round of ethanol subsidies.

Glenn Reynolds was finally forced to put up a "disclaimer" to the initial lies he was spewing.

It’s also worth noting that Al Gore — now that he’s no longer running for anything — has in fact distinguished between food-based ethanol and ethanol from more practical sources like waste biomass.

I understand you're not very good at math or history, but you need to realize that when those subsidies passed, it was because of the Republicans in Congress (yeah, some Dems beholden to the farming industry went along for the ride), and your precious President Bush signed it into law. Or did you think Democrats controlled Congress in 2005?

Now, this blog post is about Ben Stein. If you want to rail about ethanol, why not get your own blog so we can properly mock you over there? :-)