Thursday, June 07, 2007

What An Obama Nomination Can Mean To National Politics

A senior McCain aid made an eye opening honest assessment of what his beliefs in an Obama nomination could mean. According to Newsweek, Mark McKinnon, media adviser to Senator John McCain, who also served Bush/Cheney 2000 and 2004 campaigns in the same capacity, has said that he would not take part of a general election campaign on the Republican side if the young Senator from Illinois wins the nomination of the Demoratic party.
"He felt that the Illinois senator--as an African-American politician--has a unique potential to change the country. Therefore, McKinnon argued, he wanted no part in any efforts to tear down Obama's candidacy."
Read the story at Newsweek's blog "The Gaggle"


Kyle said... - A different kind of politician???

Let the flaming begin.

Kristina said...

Kyle, you should post your thoughts on a new post instead of just comments. The whole blog looks like a shrine to Obama, it'd be interesting to see what supporters of other candidates think. I know that there are members of the club who support a variety of candidates.

ps. I do actually like Obama, but I haven't jumped on his- or anyone else's- bandwagon yet.