Monday, June 04, 2007

CNN Comes Out Winning On Democratic Debate

The Washington Post analyzed the debate by saying Obama did better than the first time around, Hillary seemed strong, and Edwards did well being an agitator. They said there were no clear winners, and the front runners remained in their tight runaway pack.

CNN's handicappers gave credit to all three, and their was consensus Obama had the line of the night, Biden did strong out of the second tier, and Richardson was once again asleep at the wheel.

Finally Politico noticed CNN's focus of the big three. Chris Dodd took note of it as well. In my opinion I like their focus of the big players, I rather hear more about them than listen to Gravel's witty criticism.

All that being said, the reason why I say CNN is the winner in the last couple of days, is because of yesterday's format which every candidate was happy with. Following the MSNBC/Politico debate a couple of weeks ago in South Carolina, many of the candidates were upset with the quick buzzer style questions Brian Williams had. He started the debate by asking each candidate a series of right wing attack talking points, asking for clarification. Later they had to describe their intricate plans for things like health care and energy in what seemed like fifteen seconds. In the CNN debate each were able to have more room to elaborate, and a great deal of back a forth occurred. In the post debate interviews many of the candidates seemed very pleased with Wolf Blitzer's questions, and the flow.

Following yesterdays, CNN held a forum hosted by Jim Wallis of Sojourners, which was very in depth and showcased the candidates in the light I think they all wanted to be seen in. The topic was "Faith and Politics" and in all objectivity, Edwards and Obama hit home runs. Hillary did very good as well, when fielding question regarding infidelity in her marriage. The issue of faith in politics should be elaborated on in a later post, because I am very pleased with this new acknowledgment the party has made to break the one party strangle hold of religion that is evident in America today.

Although I have my mind made up as far as a candidate goes, after the last two days I can easily say that I am very proud of the three front runners we have, and that they all have performed at a very high degree in these forums. Thank you CNN.

Is this the future of American political debates? I hope so, it seems a lot more content centered.

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