Sunday, June 04, 2006

False Attacks on Angelides

June 1, 2006

The False Attacks on Angelides

Steve Westly's latest attack ad against Phil Angelides is an outright lie. "The Truth About Tahoe" ad alleges that Phil Angelides was the developer of a big condo development in Tahoe. It claims that he damaged the environment. In fact, Angelides purchased part-time ownership of a single condo - after it was built - for his family's use a few weeks a year.

Additional fact: when Phil Angelides discovered that the actual developer had done damage, he filed a lawsuit against him. It was the developer-not Phil Angelides-who was responsible and who was fined for the incident.

Phil Angelides has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, the California League of Conservation Voters and over 70 leading environmentalists from all over the state. That's because they actually researched his environmental record.

On June 6, Vote for Phil Angelides, he's always on our side and he's the candidate who's tough enough to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in November.

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Thanks to Derek for sending this out.

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Anonymous said...

Also, Boxer and Feinstein denounced Westly's ads today:

Boxer urged the 200 or so Angelides supporters at the San Francisco event to "shake off those negative ads, purge them from our minds.''

"Those brutal ads against (Angelides) are gross political attacks that should be rejected on election day,'' she said.

Feinstein was even blunter, accusing the controller of running "the most dastardly advertising campaign.''