Monday, June 19, 2006

Arnold v. Phil: it begins.

Today, some of the other members of Bruin Democrats and I talked with the Angelides campaign about the best possible ways to publicize our guy Phil, highlight the differences between he and Arnold, and the all-important aspect of actually getting college students to vote.

Rallies, facebook, celebrities, campus visits by the Treasurer himself, and even a Phil cut-out to display while tabling were all mentioned. Does anyone else have any ideas?


Kyle said...

GIGANTIC registration drive before the deadline starts, handing a little slip of paper to each registered person or person with questions about voting. The paper would have summed up election law on it (Polling place, where you're registered, how to find it out, etc etc)

A TV on Bruinwalk!!!!! All Phil All Day!

Caitlin said...

hehe...kyle. i think you and i are the only two people who ever read this thing. ever.

Nikhil said...

omg, i totally read it too!! just...silently. anyway, there is going to be a Vote Coalition at UCLA next fall to work on registration, education, and GOTV, so that will allow us to work with a lot of other groups and individuals on campus to help promote the election. Yay Phil!