Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meet your new board!

Bruin Dems held their elections tonight, and here are the results for the 2009-2010 board!

President: Carrie McFadden
External VP: Chris Ah San
Internal VP: Matt Margolis
Treasurer: Erienne Overli
Fundraiser: Sara Tsegaye
Events: Kennan Cronen
Issues: Austin Ford
Marketing: Kyle Hebert
Social: Jessica Blatchley

Remember folks, there are still four board positions that will be decided upon next fall, so first years and transfers and other returning members can still have a chance to be on board.

And... it turns out UCLA Radio actually recorded the infamous last debate between the Bruin Republicans and the Bruin Democrats! If you wondered why the two clubs stopped debating, it stemmed from this night's debate from November 27, 2007. "11/27, Never Forget".

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